Serafia Andersson

Monica Andersson

Emelie Berg

Ania & Magnus Munay

Johanna Ekman & Stefan Johansson

Siv & Stefan Stefansson

Jaial Amrit från USA

A variety of Mystic Temple Practices, Sacred Movement/Dance & Breathwork catalyze the forces of the Sacred Feminine, opening the self to be moved and danced by the Divine. Our bodies become sacred portals as we allow our sensual/sexual nature to fuel the currents of Awakening, not only for ourselves but for the benefit of all Beings, all Life. No previous experience in dance is required. All women welcome!

Robin Hallman & Terra Sundman

Josefin Hultgren

Leana Myhr

Paula Nygren & Henrik Bengtsson

Sara Von Post och Gabriel Förde

Ewa DeMahina

Gro Johanna Kalén

Aita Päts & Karin Saders

Ebba & Albin - World Peace Ceremony

Hasse Oreheim