Booking of Abroad studies - PERU

  • Expedition 4-21 Sept 2020 To Amazonas, Sacred Valley and Titicaca lake.

    Fee is between 39.000-29.900 SEK (depending of the size of the group)

    Three payments will be made to Gia Life; 1 Mars; 1 May and 1 July. Registration fee of 3000 kr is paid when registering.

    If I do NOT visit Machu Picchu the fee will be approximately 3000 kr less.

  • (Note! the passport must be valid for 6 months from arrival in Peru)
  • (weight, height, age, fitness)
  • if you have / have had more serious illness (s), describe them here:
  • (if you have any questions please contact us)
  • name / phone
  • name / relationship / phone / email
  • and truthfully filled in my health declaration and taken note of the cancellation policy that applies.