Family- and couple counseling

A relationship is as a child that needs tending, care and nourishment to grow and evolve. Sometimes we get lost due to the different situations life hold. Then we might need help to find our way back to the deep feeling inside of us and to remember what brought us together. It does not have to mean that you are in a crisis but the opposite, that you wish to explore and evolve yourselves and your relationship  TOGETHER!
But if you are in a crisis then perhaps it is time to receive professional help with:

Lift and strengthen the positive aspects of your relationship and acknowledge each other in a new way.

Free from emotional blockages and shine light on what needs to transform, to clear what is in the way for a more loving relationship.

Become aware of the patterns and behaviours that create problems so that a constructive change may take place.

Communicate in a new way and let both be responsible of your own projections, to lift the relationship to a new higher ground. Look at yourselves with new loving eyes that strengthens your common dream.

If the time is here to release and move on in different directions you both have the responsibility to make this transition in the best possible way, for the good of all.
Ania Munay & Magnus Munay
Family- and couple counseling
Price 1290 kr 60 min

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