Allergy treatment

Receive help with pollen- furry animal- and food allergies

We have a long experience of both healthcare and rehabilitation in Kungsbacka. With an holistic view we can offer you a broader aspect to your allergies. We have successfully treated different allergies, many of your allergic difficulties can be helped.
Chinese medicine were we combine diets with chinese treatments as acupuncture are recommended. This has proven to be successful and many allergic people has had great results with pollen allergy as well as furry animal allergy and to some extent food allergy.
From a chinese medical perspective we look at why your defence is down more than what allergy you have. Therefore many of the conditions are treated by looking to all your bodily needs with among other things diet and nutritional counseling and how you prevent your conditions. Read more about chinese medicine here>>
From 850 sek
One hour treatment
If you have questions about your allergy please contact us by e-mail at or at +46 300 430 496.