Sister, you are welcome.
You who are ready to embark on this journey of powerful healing work with fellow women
You who take responsibility for yourself and your experience.
Here you are held. Here you hold.
Here you are seen. Here you will see.
Now is the time.
Release your beautiful, wild soul.

When we have become too civilized and efficient in our society we need to expand. Into the wilderness, both outer and inner. To wander the soul and retrieve our power. Undress expectations, negative patterns and behaviours around the fire. Dance in the light of the moon and practice navigating our unique compass of truth.
We invite the nordic goddesses for magical work this weekend, with focus on Hel and Skade who mirrors the place in we are at in the annual cycle. We step into ceremony and bring home our ancient wisdom through:
Drum journeys
Shadow works
Knife handling
Axe handling
Fire knowledge
Landscape wandering
Ecstatic dance
Voice works
and more…


13-15 November 2020
Friday morning - Sunday afternoon


incl. meals and accomodation in dormitory
Separate room is possible, if there is room, for an additional fee.
Partial payment is possible.


Send an e-mail to

Please inform us of any food allergies.
Registration is binding and the registration-fee is 1500 kr.
The rest of the payment will be sent by invoice 65 days before the retreat, if nothing else is informed.
If you have specified partial payment by two parts it must be paid 30 days in advance of the retreat at the latest.
If a written cancellation is made at latest 61 days before the retreat you will be repaid. No cancellation 60 days before the retreat is possible and the fee will be charged in full. Registration-fee will not be returned.
Limited number of participants.

Fia Forsström,

Fia is a Shamanic Priestess, artist and songwriter. An elemental force sprinkled with stardust that is praised for her ability to reach the depth of our inner rooms.
Through priestessing from a shamanic approach she acts as a spiritual midwife in our transformational process.
The music Fia weaves supports the step into higher energies through a loving union of darkness and light.