Now we can finally invite you to our new CBT Coach training ONLINE from Gaia Life which Magnus Munay & Hanna Nilsson hold.

After great demand from our participants to get a basic education with good tools for the healing conversation, we have designed this special on three modules that consist of both theory and practical exercises.


Cbt, the healing conversation

Socratic investigative issues

Life theme / shadows

attachment theory

Personality disorders
Mindfulness/Conscious presence


CBT coach education - The healing conversation based on CBT and MI.

This is an education for you who work with people. It is an education for you who work as a manager / leader. It is an education for you who work with healing.

This is an education for you who want to deepen your healing work with clients / employees by acquiring good knowledge of and practical techniques for the meeting in the healing conversation.

With these tools, you will be able to create another level of security in your work and a deeper understanding of your clients / employees.


You will learn:

The basic tools in CBT-
Tools that cover the entire therapy process, from engaging the client, creating change to sustaining change.

MI, Motivational Conversation​​​​​​​- 
MI is based on engaging, focusing, inducing and planning for change. This by placing emphasis on arousing the client's own motivation and creating a respectful collaboration.

Attachment theory-​​​​​​​
An important theory for creating an understanding of how a person handles closeness, independence and care in relationships.

Mindfulness / Conscious Presence
Which provides an opportunity to explore ourselves and our resources, get more in touch with our truth and make better decisions in our everyday lives.

About personality disorders.​​​​​​​

Life Theme / Shadows-

The various truths we established at an early age that we live with and keep ourselves in a destructive behavior. Ex: Abandonment - I will always be left - I get relationships that confirm that truth. Exclusion - everyone belongs somewhere except me - I isolate myself. Distrust - I will always be deceived - I avoid close relationships.

The training is divided into three modules and we will alternate theory with practical exercises and training clients.


Magnus Munay ~

Hanna Nilsson ~


Date 2021:

Module 1 28-30 Sept 
Kl 10.00 - 18.00

Module 2 26-28 Oct
Kl 10.00 - 18.00

Module 3 23-25 Nov
Kl 10.00 - 18.00


17. 995 sek
(+VAT for companies)
-the price for 9 days

Partial payment 6 690 sek/ per module (+VAT for companies)

When registering, an application invoice of SEK 3,000 will be emailed, confirming your place in the education
The amount is deducted from the final invoice

Warm welcome!