Personnel healthcare

EVERYONE wins when you have a healthy personnel!
The company’s personnel is the uttermost resource for growth and success. But only if they are well.
Both the business and the staff are strengthened by a healthy personnel, it will positively affect the organisation.
With regards to that every business is unique we tailor solutions and agenda for your own company.
Moreover than the services of a regular occupational health care we also facilitate CBT.
One of our greatest assets is our genuine understanding, engagement and perception of the challenges, requirements and wishes an employer has. We also have the ability to meet and the co-workers needs.
We have experience of occupational health care in Kungsbacka since the beginning of 1990. We offer a wide and unique range of services regarding personnel- and business development while working to preserve a healthy business environment. In combination with knowledge of the needs of the body and soul this contributes to a comprehensive view for everyone in the organisation.
The positive outcomes of a healthy staff is that the company will lower it’s sick leave rate, become more attractive and simultaneously creating health enhancing and productive working environments.

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Packagedeal I

5 meetings x 90 min in group or individually. Choose theme based on need.

  1. Inner Leadership - Am I the leader I want to follow
  2. Communication - Why don't they do as I say?
  3. Stress management- Mindfulness
  4. KBT & Coaching
Investment: 5 times x 90 min:
Group: max 6 people 3.500 sek/p
Individually: 15.000 sek / p

Packagedeal II

5 meetings x 90 min in group or individually. Choose theme based on need.

  1. Personal Development - Inner Leadership
  2. Stress management- Mindfulness
  3. KBT & Coaching

Group: max 6 people 2.500 sek/p 5 times x 90 min
Individually: 15.000 sek / p 5 times x 60 min