Permaculture at Gaia Life

Sustainability is a word that continuously recurs and evokes contemplation and reflection. What does sustainability mean to you and how can you be a part of creating a sustainable community? A dream to live close with nature, in tune and harmony with seasons and the shifting nature was what initiated us.

This dream led us to a small farm in Fjärås 2010. It made way for a exciting journey to create a place for education which we both could make our home and also share our teachings.

With deep care we embarked on renovating and extending the barn which is K-marked since the middle of the 18th century. With restoration and reuse through collaboration with small businesses from the vicinity it grew into a beautiful space for education and teaching, preserving the atmosphere of having existed for hundreds of years.

We have created a wonderful herbal garden from permaculture, meaning through mulching and reusing materials that nourishes the earth. Here we grow herbs for food, medicine and ceremonies. Herbs are drying in our herbal hut soon to become tea, tinctures, ceremonial blends and ointments. Herbs and old-fashioned flowers harmonizes in the vintage garden

The dream of a couple of beehives has been around for a long time and now two bee communities have finally moved in here at Gaia Life, to have your own honey is gold worth.

The kitchen garden grows and changes from year to year, we improve, find new solutions and it just gets bigger and bigger.These days we are self sufficient with eggs and the intention is set for the same with vegetables. We learn by doing and are by no means professionals, we have the courage to fail and to this day it has had a wonderful outcome.
Our sheep, hens and ducks is a lovely addition in the cycle of Gaia, they fertilize and keeps us clear from vermin and snails. Rural life is an everyday adventure and blissfully magical.
Do you wish to grow and evolve with us?
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