Personal Data Processing

About GDPR

About GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new law enforced the 25:th of May 2018 that together with a complementary swedish law, Data Protection Act, will replace the Personal Data Directive. This to further protect of your personal data and simultaneously create homogeneous regulations inside EU.

How do we use your personal data?

We at Gaia Life care about your integrity. To be able to offer and facilitate our services  we gather and store your personal data as part of our business. It’s highly important to us that you feel with uttermost respect for your integrity and that you also are aware of your rights towards us and how you can act upon them.
The personal data that we collect will never be sold to a third party. In those cases that Gaia Life share access to gathered personal data with a third party it will be on behalf of Gaia Life AB in communication purposes or to supply with ordered goods or services to our customers.

Will my personal data only be handled by Gaia Life AB?

To be able to facilitate our services it is sometimes necessary to that we share your personal data with other companies. To make sure that they handle your personal data as safe as us we have concluded specific personal data processing agreements with these suppliers. It is often that the ones that handle personal data has subcontractors you share information with. The receiver that will take part of the personal data is our mail supplier, an accounting firm, the bank and airline companies that we cooperate with. In collaboration with travel guides and guides in other countries outside of EU we sometimes share personal data that is needed for ex. tourist attractions. The safety precautions we practice are confidentiality agreements between us. If you wish we can have a copy sent to you. 

Which information will be saved?
Name, date of birth, personal security number, address, e-mail address, telephonenumber, pictures, bank information, etc. Device information - e. g. IP- address, browser setting, operational system. The information we process are generally necessary to enter into a contractual with us and to fill those legal requirements existing for our different services and products. 

Your personal data makes it possible
Your personal data makes it possible for you to in an easy way use our services and simultaneously makes it possible for us to understand your situation and needs.

For how long are my data saved?
We save your personal data for as long as it is necessary depending on service and type of personal data. We have to fulfil other laws such as e. g. Accounting legislation that also affects for how long we have to save information.
Your rights
You have the right to an extract that shows what of your personal data is being processes by us. You also have during some circumstances the right to have your personal data erased in those cases we don’t have other legal requirements to fulfil. You have the right to and/or supplement wrong personal data about yourself. You have the right to withdraw your consent of us processing your personal data. And also the right to file complaint at the Data Protection Authority that is a supervisory authority.

If you wish to know more..
If you have questions about this document and the processing of personal data, wish to erase or change wrong information, you can contact us by mail at
You can read more at the Data Protection Authority’s website.

Responsible for personal data is Gaia Life AB. 
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