We tailor your conference after your needs and wishes. We offer among other things, two different basic packages, one Day conference and one Conference with overnight stay, in these packages you can add the options you wish to create the best possible conference for you

♡ Meditation
♡ Yoga
♡ Mindfulness
♡ Inner Leadership
♡ Permaculture
♡ Drum Journey
♡ Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Power of the Cirkel - in the Tipi
We have through all of times gathered around the crackling fire for interchange and community.


The Tipi can be used around the year for the good conversation, guided meditation, storytelling, drum journey or for a session of inner leadership and personal growth.

Personal growth - in the Greenhouse

Our greenhouse of 50 kvm is a wonderful meeting place for both group works, lectures and appetizers.

Maybe introduce new dimensions to your conference, a herb walk in the herbal- and kitchen garden, prepare something together or just savour the nature, stillness and scent of growing crops.

Sweat lodge, lakes and forest.

Below the farm you find the lake with a small sand beach. Enjoy a morning swim before breakfast.

A sweat lodge ceremony is a powerful and deepening process were you as participants experience a something beyond. Your work and the forest around Gaia offers may exciting possibilities.