About us

We who live and run Gaia Life are two lifelong entrepreneurs who work to create a sustainable life.
Here we live close to nature and draw our inspiration and creativity from Mother Earth. We walk the shamanic path and our intention is to pass on the ancient knowledge that we are part of everything.
Walk in beauty, is one of our guiding principles that are important to us. By creating and building a beautiful place where people can come for growing, healing and finding community, we feel that we can thus make a contribution to a more beautiful and loving world.
We believe that peace begins within ourselves and in an environment that reflects that we can more easily hear our inner voice that shows us the way back home.
Slowly but surely we create our paradise with our animals, permaculture and organic farming. A place for healing and growing in harmony with Mother Earth.
Ania & Magnus

Ania Munay

Ania is practicing Shamanic Priestess, trained in family therapy, CBT, has over thirty years of experience delivering training in personal and spiritual growth, various forms of healing, mindfulness and inner leadership. She is the Entrepreneur & self-employed who inspires many to create their dream. Ania asks the unexpected questions & highlights that which needs to be highlighted for the individual's personal growth. With a clear-mindedness & strong intuition, she guides the way to strong inner leadership. Ania is familiar with the circle's dynamics and has worked with the circle model and the Medicine Wheel. She is passionate about sharing this powerful tool.

Spring 2020 is the year Ania steps into her new role as author and here you can pre-order her first book of three, The Red Earth

Magnus Munay

Magnus is a practicing shaman, Chinese medicine and Qigong Master, trained in CBT, NLP practitioner.

He is the peacemaker who mediates between parties. The entrepreneur who follows his heart and has the courage to show his vulnerability. He has many years of experience working in groups with personal growth and internal leadership.

Behind his calm, is a sharp perception that brings up that which is needed into the light. With caution, he helps the individual to continue his journey forward.

You meet Magnus as one of the teachers at the CBT training or maybe you take the step into Man's circle - the peaceful warrior's way …

The Staff at Gaia Life

Martina Lindgren

Martina works as an administrator and an economist here at Gaia but is currently on maternity leave.

Hanna Nilsson

Hanna takes care of the garden at Gaia. Together we plan and create sustainability and permaculture. Hanna is passionate about the healing that occurs in the true meeting between people and between people and mother earth. She has long experience of running an organic commercial garden with varying garden assignments and café.
To bring the garden into the kitchen she feels it is wonderful!

Hanna is also a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Shamanic  NaturePriestess, and Yoga Massager. So in addition to working in the garden, here at Gaia, she welcomes you for healing with CBT-sessions and yoga massage.

Sanna Li Messo

Sanna works in the kitchen where she creates and contributes to the fantastic food we serve to our course participants. Sanna will also happily digging in the ground and create the garden when needed and in the kitchen, she creates beauty for both the palate and the eye.

Michaela Jörfalk

Michaela works in the kitchen and has been training in Altai Shamanism here with us. Michaela has a great interest in color and form which is visible and tastes extra good in her cooking. Her interest in how all our senses must interact to create harmony and balance in our environment fits perfectly here at Gaia and it is a delight to eat Michaela food.


Maria Berg

Maria is a trained social anthropologist, coach, diet and health coach, reiki healer and is also trained in shamanic healing at Gaia Life. Through her own health journey, her interest in and knowledge of the healing diet, intestinal flora and how we must take responsibility for our own health have grown. She is passionate about helping others take control of their own health. Maria offers healing treatments at Gaia Life.

Marie Sandberg

Marie has worked with herbal medicine for 25 years and has been educated for almost 20 years. She runs the Herbal Medicine School in Gothenburg, which has a 1-year education in herbal medicine and a 2-year education in homeopathy. Furthermore, she is trained in herbal medicine, homeopathy and has 60p basic medicine. She is passionate about nature, animals, plants, gardens, and cultivation.

Annelie Hellström

Annelie is Shamanic Nature Priestess, mindfulness instructor, yin yoga teacher, behavioral scientist, de-armoring, Women's Anatomy, Communicologist and much more. She is driven to make a difference and is passionate about more people finding their way to increased well-being and joy in life.

Fia Forsström

Fia is a Shamanic Priestess, Artist & Songwriter. A deep primacy sprinkled with glitter that is praised for its ability to reach people's innermost space. Through priestly work based on a shamanic approach, she seems to be a spiritual midwife to human transformation. The music she weaves supports us to take the step into higher energies, through loving union of darkness and light.

Anne Johansson

Anne is a professional, very popular medium that has been involved in the industry for 22 years. She is a certified medium and healer via LIFE, Iris Hall, and aims to pass on her traditions on. Anne holds our Mediumship education where the basic course starts every spring and autumn and the continuing course starts in the fall once a year. We are very pleased to partner with Anne who follows international guidelines for mediumship and who has a lot of experience in media work.

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