We who live at and runs Gaia Life are two joyous entrepreneurs whose work means to create a
sustainable way of life. Here we exist close to nature and lets Mother Earth bring creativity and inspiration.
We walk the path of shamanism and our intention is to mediate the ancient wisdom of us being one with all.
Walk in beauty is one of our guiding mantras. Through creating a beautiful place where people can join for growth, healing and find fellowship we believe we can make a contribution to a more beautiful and loving existence.

We believe peace begin inside ourselves and that an environment who reflect this brings us closer to hearing our inner voice that will show us the path home.

Piece by piece we are creating our paradise with our animals, permaculture and organic farming.
A place for healing and growth in harmony with Mother Earth.
Ania & Magnus

Ania Munay

Ania is a practitioning Shamanic Priestess educated in Family Counseling, CBT, and has over thirty years of experience in educations regarding personal and spiritual growth, different types of healing, mindfulness and inner leadership.

She is an entrepreneur and business owner that has inspired many to create ones dream. While asking the unexpected questions and shining light on what is needed for ones individual growth Ania shows the way to inner leadership through clarity and strong intuition.
Aina is well versed with the dynamics of the circle and has worked with the circular model and the Medicine wheel. She has a deep passion to share this powerful tool.

In the spring of 2020, Ania stepped into her new role as a writer and has managed to release two books already, The Red Soil (soon in english) and The Shadow Dance (soon in english)

Magnus Munay

Magnus is a practitioning Shaman, Chinese medic and Qigong master, educated in CBT and a NLP practitioner.

He is the peacemaker that mediates between parties. The entrepreneur who follows his heart and has the courage to share his vulnerability.

Magnus has many years of experience working with groups in personal growth and inner leadership.
Behind the calmness exists a clear seeing where he brings forth what is needed. He guides your continuing journey forward with tenderness and care.

You meet Magnus as one of the teachers in the shamanic healing education, in the Conversation Coach education and in the Man's Circle
- the path of the peaceful warrior ...

The Staff at Gaia Life

Martina L Karlsson

Martina works as both our administrator and economist. She answers your phone calls, mails and continuously gathers whats is woven here at Gaia.

Martina walks the shamanic path and has taken a two-year course here. Her passion is with helping others find their path to one's heart, where we can heal our past and let go of all that is not love. To find your place here on earth.

If you wish to book an appointment for shamanic healing or medial guidance, Martina  receives clients tuesday and thursdays.

Hanna Nilsson

Hanna takes care of our garden here at Gaia. Together we plan and create sustainability and permaculture. Hanna has a vast experience of running ecological garden centres with varying gardening tasks and cafés. Bringing nature into the kitchen is for her a bliss!
Hanna is also a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Shamanic Priestess of Nature and Yoga Massage Therapist. The healing that occurs within the true meeting of humans and between humanity and mother earth is where her devotion lies.
Beyond nourishing the garden of Gaia she welcomes you for healing CBT-sessions and Yoga massage.


Maria Berg

Maria is an educated Social Anthropologist, Coach, Diet- and Health Coach, Reiki Healer and also educated in Shamanic Healing here a Gaia Life. Her interest for the healing art, gut flora and how we ourselves need take responsibility for our own health has blossomed through her own healing journey. Maria has a deep passion for helping others take charge over their own well-being. Maria also offers healing treatments at Gaia.

Annelie Hellström

Annelie is a Shamanic Nature Priestess, Mindfulness coach, Yin Yoga teacher, Behavioural Scientist and Communicologist who works with de-armouring, the female anatomy and much more. To make difference is within the essence of Annelie and guiding more to finding ones path to well-being and happiness in life is something that sparks her motivatation.

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